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Women’s Health Treatment Programs

Women’s Health Staten Island, NY

A peaceful mind and body helps women to perform even better, especially working women having responsibility of home and office. Making the therapy environment safe and secure for women is the foremost aim of New U Physical Therapy. We aim at improving women’s health in Staten Island, NY by providing them different massage therapy, physiotherapy, along with acupuncture therapy.

At New U Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY we offer an innovative approach to women’s health issue via physical therapy in a quiet, serene, and encouraging environment created just for women. There are numerous conditions such as pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, trauma and so many more that can bring someone for physical therapy to our office for these physiotherapy treatments. We pride ourselves on being experts in women’s issues and leave no stone unturned to make them feel relaxed for a supportive and healthy lifestyle.

We start with an assessment on the proper treatments that help relieve pain in the areas that we are treating and also come up with a customized exercise routine that will help you get back into shape.

Our Women’s Health treatment programs at our Staten Island, NY office location is devised to meet your needs: Mind, Body and Spirit. We provide a holistic approach to serve the unique needs of women via acupuncture. Our services are for the following conditions: post-surgical, obstetric, bowel & bladder dysfunction, musculoskeletal, neurovascular conditions and more! Call us and learn more at New U Physical Therapy at our Staten Island location.

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