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Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated Disc Treatment Staten Island NY & Central NJ

Herniated discs are typically a result from an injury or heavy lifting, but aging is the most common cause. Symptoms of herniated discs include weakness in affected areas, headaches, lower back pain, muscle tension and neck pain. Pain traveling downs the arms or the legs. Our Staten Island, NY and Central New Jersey offices at New U Physical Therapy treat patients with herniated disc to get them symptom free and therefore improve their quality of life!

Physical therapy assists those suffering with herniated disc ailments in many ways. Here at New U Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY we specialize in these treatments to our patients. This is accomplished by doing two things: stretching the spine to expand the vertebrae and discs as well as strengthening the muscles around the spine to alleviate the body and prevent future spinal compressions from occurring.

Here at New U Physical Therapy we have many options to deal with herniated disc. Manual Therapy combined with therapeutic massage, inversion table, stretching and strengthening always produce terrific results. In addition we offer acupuncture treatment to eliminate shooting/radiating pain as well as chiropractic treatment to realign the body.

Herniated disc is an acute condition wherein the person may find it difficult to walk due to immense back pain, muscular tension, and may result in bad posture or walking issues as well. This problem may take its adverse form, if not given the right treatment at the right time. If you or your loved ones are facing the issues of herniated disc, you must not delay in getting treatment.

When we talk about herniated discs, we recognize that they are extremely painful. After all, it’s about your backbone and when it stops to work fine, this affects your entire body. The body starts to show symptoms of herniated disc and when these are ignored, it can lead to extremely dangerous effects on your health. You must seek herniated disc treatment and the best place to do it is here at our Central New Jersey office.

Stretching, massage, and use of the latest techniques are the core ways of treating your herniated disc problem. The massage is also given by the professional therapists, so you do not get any other muscular tensions, which may alleviate your problems and makes it difficult for you to perform normal daily tasks.

We at New U Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY are here to offer the best of the best treatments for our herniated disc patients. You can visit us at our clinic to get this treatment and avoid any harmful impacts in your muscles, or the lower back.

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