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Headache Treatment Staten Island, NY

Headaches are sometimes present high level of discomfort and may lead to major problems if untreated. The musculoskeletal issues may lead to severity in the headaches, but can be restored by opting the proper Physiotherapist techniques practiced here at New U Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY.

If you are also a sufferer of intense headaches, you have a chance to stop them by meeting our physiotherapists and find various solution for your headaches, at our Staten Island, NY clinic location. An incorrect posture or a traumatic injury can be a cause for headaches that can be easily dealt with when the right treatment is offered.

Headaches steal away your concentration power. The reasons could be many, such as a traumatic injury, an accidental jerk, a migraine issue, and many others. The end result is that you are left with pain and discomfort. What can be done under such cases and who can give you the right advice? If you are still looking for an answer to this question, you have reached the right place, i.e. New U Physical Therapy. We offer fine-class treatment for headaches at our Staten Island, NY clinic. You can visit our therapists and discuss your headache issues to get the most suitable treatments available.

The physical therapies vary for headache patients, as they may have various symptoms and warning signs. For example, a migraine headache is a centrally mediated pain disorder. Basically, there is a disorder in the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which results in pain and neurological symptoms. It can also be cause by vascular dilation or constriction. Therefore, physical therapy is used to work on the muscles and joints in the peripheral system. There may also be pain, tension and discomfort in the neck and there are manual techniques, massage, and stretching exercises that can certainly help with that.

Here, at New U Physical Therapy at our Staten Island, NY office location, we take headache treatments very seriously and offer the best treatments possible that are available today and everyday!

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