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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Staten Island, NY

There could be numerous reasons for your back pain, such as bad postural habit, sitting for too long in the same place, an accidental injury or a muscle sprain. But, many people do not take them seriously and have to face the consequences of immense back pain, which eventually takes the shape of some serious back pain problem such as herniated discs. The therapists at New U Physical Therapy are here to provide the treatment for back pain in here at our Staten Island, NY location.

The objective of physical therapy for back pain treatment at our Staten Island, NY office location is to decrease pain, restore function, and offer an understanding of maintenance programs that will prevent further re-occurrences. Stretching techniques and strengthening exercises will be introduced to prevent back issues in the long run!

Back pain treatment through physiotherapy is considered the most popular non-surgical treatment and is often attempted by the patients suffering from herniated/bulgingdiscs, strained muscles, ligaments and joints, or affected by combined injuries. Poor postural habit may also be one of the primary causes of back pain causing long term damage to the spine. These conditions may become exacerbated and lead to negative impact on the entire body.

If patients witness symptoms like limited movement, problem in standing straight, shooting pain, or an altered walking style; it’s good time to visit the physiotherapists. The back pains can be multifactorial and only highly skilled physiotherapists can handle them, like we have at New U Physical Therapy in Staten Island, NY.

Hence, to get relieved from the acute symptoms of back pain, we strongly urge you visit us for back pain treatment and find the most apt solution even before the problem starts to affect your daily routine. We will first go through the medical history and diagnose the exact reason for back pain. This is followed by the right kind of treatment through back pain physiotherapy here at our facility in Staten Island, NY.

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