Orthopedic Rehab Treatment NJ & NY

A physical therapist’s office is the best place to treat numerous types of physical injuries and conditions affecting your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Here at New U Physical Therapy at our Staten Island, NY and Piscataway NJ office locations, we evaluate and assess what we think will be the best orthopedic rehab treatments needed to get you back in good health and condition. Our therapies include a variety of options such as restoring your strength, improving functional skills, detailed targeted programs and more! Contact New U Physical Therapy for your orthopedic rehab treatments- the best on Staten Island and Piscataway, NJ!

Are you looking for an experienced Orthopedic Rehab Treatment in Staten Island, NY? Well search no more, as we at New U Physical Therapy are here to help you in recovering from orthopedic issues that are affecting your bones, joints, ligaments, or serious muscular pain. It’s our job to utilize our skills and knowledge of orthopedic procedures to accurately evaluate each patient and develop the most effective plan and treatment on an individual basis.

Reach out to our Orthopedic Rehab Treatment Center in Staten Island, NY as studies show that where you go for your orthopedic treatment can make all the difference in your recovery. Our professional therapists are caring and attentive and are with you on your road to recovery, so you can live a healthier life.