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Physical Therapy Treatment
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Dr. Shikha Sharma, PT, DPT

Shikha Sharma PT,DPT is a NJ Licensed Physical Therapist who received her Clinical Doctorate degree in Physical therapy from University of Incarnate World , TX, in the year of 2018. She holds a Physical therapy licence for MO, NY and NJ. She has completed her thesis on Lower back pain resulting due to alteration of biomechanics of pelvis and hip. She is certified in Demystifying the pelvis ( treatment of the sacroiliac joint), certified in Gloria Galecki workshop on vojta techniques, preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation, DAYC-2, and certified in volunteership in National services scheme.She is an active member of APTA( American Physical therapist association).
Dr Shikha has a vast variety of clinical experience in different fields like Neurological Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, General Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, pre-/post- surgical care, performance enhancement, wellness training, and injury prevention. She works with patients of all ages and across all activity levels from highly sedentary people to highly active populations including collegiate athletes, extreme and ultra-athletes.
Dr.Shikha evaluates and treats patients with a whole body approach that combines knowledge and understanding of localized anatomy and function within the context of full body structure, function, and movement patterns. She works to restore compromised mobility, strength, stability, and movement patterning through a variety of manual techniques, active modalities, progressive exercise, and education. She enjoys solid rapport with her patients and clients, clinical problem-solving, and watching her patients progress to the goals set by both patients and therapist to reach functional mobility and activities they need to do, want to do , and aspire to do.

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