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Dr. Andrew Adelstein, DC

Dr. Andrew Adlerstein has joined New U Team in 2019. He has been practicing chiropractic in New York State since 1990. He became an owner of his own practice in 1992 located in Jackson Heights Queens and continued through 2013.
Dr. Adlerstein graduated with a bachelor of science degree from long island university at CW post center and continued his chiropractic education at Life University in Marietta Georgia.
His extensive experience in treating all types of injuries to the spine pre-and post surgical sports related car accidents and work accidents have given him the ability to understand and work with all doctors lawyers and complicated cases.
Dr. Adlerstein uses traditional chiropractic manipulation as well as non-force techniques for those who are frightened of the adjustment. Treating patients from ages six months to 95 years old he understands how to treat and refer a patient to another healthcare provider when necessary.
During 2014 to 2019 Dr. Adlerstein started two new practices, worked for a number of different offices including Japanese clinics Westchester New Jersey Long Island and Brooklyn. Each practice gave more knowledge and understanding of different cultures and their health issues and conditions.
Dr. Adlerstein will give you his honest opinion and never stop working with you until he finds an answer. He has dedicated his life in helping people that have given up and thought they could never get help.

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