Carpal Tunnel: Risk Factors, Causes and Treatment

May 2, 2022

Do you feel numbness or weakness near your palm, hand, or fingers? If yes, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. This problem starts from the median nerve of your hand which is next to the carpal tunnel nerve in the wrist. Once you start getting symptoms of this syndrome, you need should do needful treatment possible ways. If you will ignore the early symptoms, it can lead to pain or tingle in the whole hand and fingers. Hence, you need to start the treatment as soon as possible. If you want to treat carpal tunnel through physical therapy, you should better approach the best-known physical therapists in Staten Island. The therapists in the city can give you ultimate relief from carpal tunnel pain through vital physical therapies and medications.

Causes and Risk Factors of Carpal Tunnel

Having carpal tunnel syndrome may give you some health risks which may sometimes become chronic to some extent. Some major causes and risk factors associated with carpal tunnel are as follows:

  1. Wrist Injuries: The excessive impact of carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to weakness in the wrist nerves. This can further increase the chances to give wrist injuries if you lift heavy weight or work out in excess. If you are feeling pain in the wrist nerves, you might have a carpal tunnel syndrome problem. For treatment, you should consult pain management therapists in Staten Island and get rid of the pain soon.
  2. Increasing Age: The increasing age of old people may also give carpal tunnel syndrome issues. Many senior citizens aged over 50 to 60 years face carpal tunnel syndrome problems. It can result in form of weak wrists and pain in hands that do not allow them to lift heavyweight.
  3. Hot and Cold Sensitivity: Having numbness and pain in the nerves of the wrist may also lead to sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
  4. Different Health Issues: People having different health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and other neurological issues may have carpal tunnel syndrome problems too.

Thus, above are some vital risk factors with carpal tunnel syndrome that can ruin your lifestyle. If you find such symptoms, you should not wait to contact physical therapists on Staten Island and get the right treatment from them.

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Treatment of Carpal Tunnel with Physical Therapy

You should first check the condition of the carpal tunnel through standard diagnoses like imaging, nerve tests, X-rays, or more. Once you clear the syndrome issue, you should contact the concerned doctors soon. You may also get ultimate relief from the carpal tunnel from physical therapy treatment. The trained physical therapists in Staten Island can help you get rid of pain in wrist nerves through standard physical therapies. By taking physical treatments, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Physical therapy can treat you from numbness and weakness in hand nerves.
  • The physical therapists may use therapy machines to improve strength and restore the energy of fingers and wrist.
  • The therapist can improve the strength of the wrist with massage therapy using essential oils and herbal products. Massage therapy is always effective to treat muscle pains and stretching issues. Also, it can also enhance fingers’ grip and make wrist muscles flexible.
  • Therapists will also try finger exercises and hand movements, which can also give good results in case of carpal tunnel syndrome issue.
  • Physical therapists may also try to reduce pain in wrist muscles through heat and cold therapies that can give relief to a major extent.

Thus, you can experience all the above benefits through the physical therapies of top physical therapists in Staten Island. If you need such services, you can contact the “New U Physical Therapy” clinic in Staten Island. For more details, visit

Can Chiropractic Help with Digestion?

March 28, 2022

Eating unhealthy food may lead to digestive problems. Thus, it can result in form of constipation, heartburn, bloating, and other stomach issues. Also, digestive problems may increase due to disorders of spine muscles. Moreover, the nervous system of the body is also connected to the digestive system. To maintain good health and improve the function of body parts, you should keep the nervous system and spine good. For this purpose, you may consult experienced chiropractors in Staten Island. In the city, you will find experienced chiropractic care doctors. They specialize in treating patients who have long-term body pains, muscle pains, joint pains, and more. You should take treatment from verified chiropractors in Staten Island for good results.

A professional chiropractic care doctor can heal patients suffering from spine, back, neck, and central nervous issues. The chiropractors do the best treatment of all such problems through non-invasive treatments like exercises, physiotherapy, and medications. If you are facing any long-term pain in the back or neck and joints, you should contact the best chiropractors in Staten Island for good results. They specialize in treating patients with health issues and pains through non-invasive methods.

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Chiropractic care doctors may also give you good relief in digestive issues through possible treatments starting from treating spinal problems. The chiropractors know how your digestion is so connected to the spine that should align well. If your spine and back muscles are in good condition, you will not get any major digestive issues. But, if the situation is bad, it can lead to improper digestion. Thus, the doctors will examine all possibilities to regularize the digestion system by taking care of spine or back problems first. Also, it will bring good results for streamlining the body’s central nervous system and maintaining spine health, if you take treatment from chiropractic specialists in Staten Island.

Having digestive problems is also the result of eating unhealthy or junk food and an irregular lifestyle. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the diet and eat good food for easy digestion. Also, it will keep your spine or back and nervous system fit and functional, if you eat healthy food. Patients suffering from spine or back problems, often get digestive problems and need treatment from the best chiropractors.

So, do not be late to contact the best chiropractors in Staten Island and get rid of issues related to digestion, spine, back, neck, and other joint pains. For instance, you may approach “New U Physical Therapy”, which is one of the best chiropractic care clinics in Staten, Island. For more details, visit website:

Treating Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

March 5, 2022

Many people have to suffer from chronic back pain due to many reasons like spine injury, inflammation, weight excessive load on the back, and so on. In some cases, back pain gets treated through medications, exercises, physical workouts, and painkillers. But, what about the major surgeries of back pain, when a person has to suffer from long-term pain in the back. For non-invasive back pain treatments, you can consult the best chiropractors in Staten Island. In the city, you will find some reputed chiropractic care clinics, where you will find experienced chiropractic doctors and physicians. They will treat your chronic back pain and muscles pains due to injury through vital workouts and body movements. Also, they follow standard medications, emotional wellness, and other physical therapy methods to treat back pain patients.

Why Consider Chiropractors for Back Pain Treatment in Staten Island?

If you want to get relieved from back pain through non-invasive treatment, you may contact experienced chiropractic care doctors in Staten Island. A licensed chiropractor does follow physical therapies, workouts or exercises, medications, massages, and non-surgical methods to treat back pain. An experienced chiropractic doctor will first find the key reasons for back pain and diagnose them well. Once the causes of back pain will get identified, the chiropractors will start treatment through non-invasive methods. Before you get the treatment of any doctor, you should recognize the main causes of back pain.

Symptoms of Back Pain

There are many reasons for having back pain in humans such as

  • Weighing heavy load on the back
  • Less mobility in the spine
  • Muscle stretching
  • Spine bone inflammation
  • Numbness in spine nerves and buttocks
  • Spine injury
  • Back muscles injuries

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You may find any of the above symptoms that will or show you are suffering from back pain. If you start acknowledging any of those signs, you should consult the best chiropractors in Staten Island. The experienced doctors in the city will do the best treatment of your back pain problem from physical therapies and non-surgical treatments.

The experienced chiropractic doctors in Staten Island can give you ultimate relief from back pain through non-surgical treatments. They will first diagnose your back pain issues and then start the treatment according to the results. You should always take treatment from the expert chiropractors in the industry who has years of experience in the same domain.

You will experience several benefits of getting back pain treatment from chiropractic care and massage therapy clinics in Staten Island.

Safe and Effective Treatment

Getting back pain treatment through chiropractic doctors will ensure you get the right safety and effectiveness of treatment. The chiropractic care experts do use natural therapies, useful exercises, and medications to cure chronic back pain and spinal issues of patients.

Complete Non-Invasive Treatment

You will get complete non-invasive treatment at top chiropractors and pain management clinics in Staten Island. No matter what level of back pain you have that will get treated by the chiropractors in the city. They can do it through standard therapies, injections, and physical workouts as well. If you have casual back pain, it will get treated by chiropractic doctors through vital exercises, medications, and physical activities too.

Emotional Support

An experienced chiropractic doctor will heal you mentally and as well. They understand how emotions hurt when back pain happens due to an accident. Hence, you will get good emotional support along with treatment from chiropractic care specialists in Staten Island that will work well in the treatment process.

Thus, you will get the best treatment for back pain from trusted chiropractors in Staten Island. For more help, you can contact “New U Physical Therapy” which is one of the finest chiropractic care clinics in Staten Island. For further details, visit the website

If Your Surgery is Delayed Due to COVID, Physical Therapy Can Help

February 1, 2022

Due to the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases, it is quite difficult for medical staff in hospitals to take care of patients who need surgical treatments. Now the attention shifts to the pandemic cases and the patients need surgical and other major treatments, they have to wait. What else you can do till pandemic cases decrease? The solutions come in the form of physical therapies, which can be good alternatives to give you some relief. You can reduce the pain in body joints and muscles through useful physical therapies and exercises. For this, you may consult the Chiropractic doctors and physical therapists in Staten, United States.

If you have pain in knee joints, muscles, and other body parts that need surgical treatment, that delays due to pandemics, you can get relief from massage therapies too. For this, you need to approach the best massage therapy clinics in Staten Island. The city is a hub of many reputed physical therapy and Chiropractors’ clinics too. For instance, you can approach the “New U Physical Therapy Clinic” in New Jersey and Staten Island, NY. At this clinic, you will get the best physical therapy treatments and messages for all body pains, muscles pains, and physical injuries as well. Moreover, you will experience good results of physical or massage therapies for physical injuries that need surgeries.

You can avoid surgical treatment or get some relief in pain through useful messages and physical therapies. Before you go to the final surgical treatment, you can reduce body pain through useful physical exercises, messages, and workouts. For this, you need to consult the best physical therapists in Staten Island. They are available at the recognized Chiropractic care clinics and hospitals in Staten Island. At the therapy clinics, you will get effective physical treatments in different ways. The therapists will try the pain relief activities such as body warm-up, cardiovascular exercises, functional tasks, flexibility training, resistance training, and more. These are some vital health therapies that can give relief from excessive body pains, muscle pains, joint pains, and other physical injury cases. Also, such therapies may work to relieve patients who need surgical treatment for chronic health issues.

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The patients waiting for surgical treatment will have to suffer from mental trauma till the surgery gets done. Till that time, they need some mental and physical relaxation that may come from physical therapies. In this pandemic time, physical therapies and messages have become good alternatives for patients to reduce their muscle pains and joint pains too. For betterment, you should consult the best Chiropractors in Staten Island. They have good practices to relieve patients suffering from chronic physical injury pains, muscles pain, and pre or post-surgical treatments. So, you can get in touch with them to get rid of physical pain issues to some extent till surgical treatment gets done.

Benefits of Pre-Surgery Therapies for Patients

  • Pre-surgical therapies can help you reduce pain and increase the endurance of the body.
  • By doing useful physical exercises, it can boost stamina and physical gear up of the body to improve health.
  • It increases the flexibility of muscles and joints that maintains body fitness.
  • It helps to restore energy level and leads to the faster recovery of body post-surgical treatment.
  • It improves blood circulation and physical movement of body or parts.
  • Increases functional strength of body parts’ joints.

If your surgical treatment is getting late due to Covid-19 cases, you should try physical treatments and massage therapies to get some relief. For betterment, you should rush to the top massage therapy clinics in Staten Island and get rid of the pain. We at New u Physical Therapy have a team of professionals for pain management in Staten Island and we are more than willing to help you recover quickly and effectively.

What is Pain and Why is it Good (Sometimes)?

December 13, 2021

Pain could well be defined as an unpleasant sensation or an experience or emotion that is directly associated with either potential or actual tissue damage. It is a mechanism that tells the body that something is wrong. For this mechanism to effectively work, very sensitive nerves are at work that detects the changes in the body and inform the brain accordingly. It could be term as a very sophisticated mechanism. One should give an immediate response to any kind of pain in the body and look for pain management doctors to understand the cause and have immediate relief.

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Pain is Personal

Pain is often referred to as a subjective feeling. This means that two people suffering from similar pain might have a different experience. The pain is unique to an individual in a different way. You can’t access what the other is feeling while suffering through pain. It is very much a challenge for a doctor to detect and give instant relief to the patient. We at new u physical therapy have the best record for pain management in Staten Island. Our doctor quickly detects the source of the pain and gives effective treatment.

What are Different Types of Pain?

Pain could be classified into several types but prominently we figure our two kinds of pain-

  • Acute pain

This kind of pain arises suddenly when a bone or a muscle gets damaged but often sustains for a limited duration. Once the pain management doctors treat the underlying cause the pain vanishes.

  • Chronic pain

This pain sustains even when the core injury is treated but the body keeps sending the pain signals to the brain. It can even last for a long time.

Our doctors are well aware of these pains and are pro in dealing the pain management in Staten Island. They will quickly recognize the type of pain and treat you for the same cause.

What is Pain Management?

Pain management could be defined as a branch that looks after the effective prevention, proper evaluation, follow-up treatment, and rehabilitation of a person who is suffering from pain. Prominently an interdisciplinary approach is followed for easing the suffering of patients and improving the condition of those suffering from any kind of pain.

The Purpose of Pain Management

A lot of lives are adversely impacted due to the presence of pain in the body and especially due to the presence of chronic pain. Your personal and professional life gets impacted due to the same. All the anxiety and personal stress are an addition to the overall suffering an individual goes through. A proper pain management center would look after your condition effectively and improve the overall condition to a significant good. Not managing the pain within time and properly might become severe and could lead to even more bodily tissues along with declining personal and physical health. Pain management doctors try to minimize the pain as much as possible instead of a false guarantee to vanish the pain completely. The idea is to give the patient immediate relief to whatever extent possible.

Pain Management Procedures

There are many pain management procedures followed by different doctors in different ways, all to make sure that patient gets the desired relief. Some of them could be names as-

1. Interventional treatment

  • Discography
  • Cervical epidural steroid injection
  • Facet joint injection
  • Medial branch blocks
  • Radiofrequency ablation

2. Regenerative medicine

  • Platelet-rich plasma injection
  • Stem cell procedures

3. Same-day surgical treatment

  • Endoscopic discectomy
  • Endoscopic rhizotomy
  • Kyphoplasty

We at New u Physical Therapy have a team of professionals for back pain management in Staten Island and we are more than willing to help you recover quickly and effectively.

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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Your Allergy Symptoms ?

December 3, 2021

Many people have sensitive skin and immune systems when coming in contact with changes in the environment or seasons like summer and winter. They might have to face some allergic systems like coughing, watery eyes, running nose, etc., with immunity disorders. Hence, it can be annoying for one to have allergies anytime that ruin the lifestyle too. But, there are many medications and treatments are available to treat allergies. Many doctors do treat nasal allergies and skin allergies with medicines, nasal sprays, skin ointments, and herbal treatments. All the treatments are well-tested and effective to remove allergy symptoms. But, people who have regular allergies, have to treat the allergies from scratch. For this, you need to identify the root causes of allergies first. In some cases, allergies may also be the result of a lower immunity system, overstress, and disturbed nervous system. These symptoms can also lead the allergic effects on the skin, nose, eyes, and other body parts. So, you need to do the needful to reduce the allergies through experienced chiropractors in Piscataway. It is possible to get rid of allergy symptoms by improving immunity and addressing issues of stress and nervous system of the body.

Chiropractic Treatment for Allergies

Chiropractic care treatments can be effective to some extent to treat allergy symptoms caused due to low immunity, stress issues, and the nervous system. Chiropractic doctors are famous for improving the physical and mental balance of the body. Professional chiropractors can reduce allergy symptoms by improving the immunity of the body, aligning the spinal cord, and keeping the nervous system right. Also, they work better on lowering stress levels that can also lead to allergies in humans. For good results, you should contact the chiropractic care experts for allergies in Piscataway. The chiropractors in the city are popular for providing effective treatments for allergic effects that causes due to an imbalance of the nervous system and stress as well. Moreover, they specialize in reducing allergies due to immunity imbalance that can be a major factor of allergies. Thus, it will be the right decision to get rid of allergies and enhance the immunity of the body by getting physical treatments from expert chiropractors in the United States.

Benefits of Taking Allergy Treatments from Chiropractors

The chiropractors in Piscataway can help you reduce the allergy from the skin and other parts of the body by reducing over stress and improving the immunity of the body. They do it well by performing some useful stress buster exercises and muscle-improving workouts. Also, there are many benefits to dealing with chiropractors for allergy treatment as follows:

  • They provide non-invasive treatment for allergies due to stress, immunity, and nervous systems through physical treatments.
  • The chiropractors care experts for allergies in Piscataway will provide medicine-free and holistic treatment for all kinds of allergic issues in humans.
  • Chiropractic care treatments for allergies are always safe and there are no side effects of them.
  • Chiropractic treatment is good for stress-related issues that can lead to allergies in humans.
  • Chiropractic treatments help to restore body’s immunity, functionality and reduce the muscle tension caused by the stress.
  • Chiropractic doctors can help you overcome immunity and nervous system-related issues through vital exercises and physical therapies to enhance the immunity of the body to fight allergens.
  • Chiropractic treatments work upon allergic problems from scratch and enhance the immunity of the body to protect it from allergic symptoms due to change in climate conditions.

Thus, you may consider all the above benefits that you can get by taking the service of professional chiropractic care doctors for allergies in Piscataway, NJ. If you want to treat the allergies with non-invasive treatments, you should take chiropractic care treatments from specialists in Piscataway. You should take allergic treatment from the licensed chiropractors in the city. Hence, it is significant to check the credentials of the doctor first and ensure they have a good track record to treat allergic patients too.

The chiropractic care professionals for allergies in Piscataway have vast exposure to allergic symptoms and their cures through physical workouts and body movements too. They do work upon the root causes of stress, immunity issues, and nervous imbalance that lead to allergies problems. Hence, they do choose the right treatments and exercises to reduce stress and improve immunity in the body for getting rid of allergies.

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Improve Your Balance with Chiropractic In Staten Island

November 1, 2021

If you have recently got knee surgery or recovered from a serious foot injury, you might face difficulty in maintaining body balance while standing and walking. In some cases, old age people do have some balance or dizziness issues too. Hence, you need to take medical help to maintain body balance. For this, you may approach a professional chiropractic doctor near you. If you live in Staten Island and need the help of an experienced chiropractic doctor, you may search the website near chiropractor near me online. You will find good results from top-notch chiropractors in the city. You will find the best chiropractors in Staten Island, New York. The city is a hub of some experienced chiropractic clinics and professional chiropractors who specialize in treating patients who have pains in muscles, bones, back, and spinal issues too. Moreover, they can do the right treatment for patients suffering from improper body balance as well. So, you can approach the chiropractors to get treated for the body balance issues and get cured soon.

Human Body Balance Issues and Signs

There are many reasons and signs which can point you have body balance issues or improper coordination such as:

  • Feeling faintness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Pain in neck and back
  • Leg and head injury
  • Excessive medications
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness while standing and walking
  • Straight lines

If you do have such signs, you should consult professional chiropractic doctors in Staten Island, NY. The experienced chiropractors in the city will examine you well to find the right causes of body balance issues and will try to reduce them through standard treatment methods.

chiropractic therapy

How a Chiropractor Can Help You Reduce Body Balance Issue?

Usually, a chiropractic doctor specializes in treating patients suffering from muscle pain, back pain, spinal issues, and other musculoskeletal issues. The doctors can also give you relief in body balance or coordination issues through standard physical therapies and useful exercises. The best practices of chiropractors can help you restore proper body alignment and can reduce body coordination from head to toe. The chiropractic care therapies not only cure your body balance issues but also improve the function of the nervous system. The chiropractors do follow non-invasive and risk-free treatments and therapies to reduce body balance issues with patients.

There are some standard practices and therapies performed by chiropractors in Staten Island, NY for treating patients such as:

  • Physical exercises to reduce stiffness in muscles and increase fluidity.
  • Spinal decompression or mobilization
  • Flexion-distraction
  • Medications
  • Improving nervous system

Thus, the above are the right chiropractic care methods, which can give you good results to improvise in body balance or dizziness issues. You will experience the profits of such therapies from experienced chiropractors in Staten Island, NY. So, you can approach them to get the proper treatment of body balance problems and get rid of issues soon.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Body Balance

You will experience some massive benefits for body balance issues or dizziness in young or old age, if getting treated by professional chiropractors in Staten, Island. Those profits are as follows:

  • Get the proper diagnose and assessment of the muscle skeleton system and other body parts.
  • The chiropractors will remove issues with posture imbalance and structural miss-alignment.
  • Chiropractors will treat patients through non-invasive methods and physical therapies or exercises.
  • Risk-free treatment without any side-effect
  • Maintain the function of the nervous system and keep the body healthy too.
  • Improve motion of body parts and maintain their balance while moving or working
  • Relaxing muscles and increasing their flexibility.

Thus, above are some key benefits that you will experience by getting treatment for body balance or dizziness from reputed chiropractors in Staten, Island. You should get the balance improvement treatment from experienced chiropractors in New York City. Thus, it is necessary to check the credentials of the doctor first and ensure its reliability and command to treat patients suffering from body balance issues. Also, you may check the online reviews, reputation, experience level, and feedbacks of previous patients of the chiropractic doctors in Staten Island, NY. If you find all the results impressive, then you can get treated with him, else avoid.

If you are looking for the best chiropractic therapy in Staten Island, New U Physical Therapy Clinic can be the best choice for you. Contact us at 718-502-5271 or mail us at

How Does Cool Sculpting Work? Read About a Full Cool Sculpting Treatment

October 5, 2021

Cool Scuptling

The obesity rate around the world is increasing dramatically. The rate has nearly doubled over the last few decades. It was the arrival of fast-food chains and a whole lot of junk of sections that have paced the rate even further. According to research conducted in 2016, almost 13% percent of the world’s entire adult population suffered from obesity. It also verifies how the obesity rate has nearly tripled since the early 1970’s. it is a matter of grave concern and we could also see a slight change in society thereafter. People who are concerned about the future often tend to keep themselves fit. It is always exemplified how health is wealth. Keeping yourself fit is the only option if you wish to succeed. Being in a bad shape never helps.

All these scenarios have led us to another important term which is well known as cool sculpting. We all have experienced a kind of fat which does not eliminate even after a controlled diet and exercise. This is where coolsculpting comes into action. It Is a treatment of fat freezing that helps in eliminating this stubborn fat with the help of this non-surgical treatment which has now become popular. There are many areas where this fat is almost impossible to eliminate to regular exercises and an intense diet. It could be under your chin or near the jawline, it might be on thighs or your abdomen. Also, It could be on the back of the upper arm fat. It has a proven record and has been cleared for use by FDA.

Am I a good candidate for coolsculpting?

To understand if you need a coolsculpting treatment, one needs a brief self-assessment. You need to look at yourself and ask if there is any fat in your body that is stubborn and is not vanishing even after all your effort to combat it. You have done all the appropriate efforts, all the required exercise and diet control, or medicine to cut fat but it has not worked. This kind of fat could only be dealt with through coolsculpting. Don’t take coolsculpting as a weight loss procedure but rather it could be referred to as a non-surgical treatment that will directly mark an impact on stubborn long impending fat. The procedure is non-surgical makes it a lot more enticing. It has a proven record of reducing fat up to 20 to 25 percent in the treated areas.  There are several diseases listed and if you happen to suffer from any of those, one should always avoid the coolsculpting treatment. The disease includes cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal, or agglutinin disease.

How does coolsculpting work?

An individual has all the right to know about any treatment procedure, one is planning to go through. It is important to understand every bit of it and take a good analysis if it will work for you or it won’t. Deciding knowing the procedure will give you an utter sense of satisfaction with whatever decision you come up with according to your willingness and wellness. The steps of coolsculpting involve a process called cryolipolysis. The stubborn fat cells are frozen under a process called apoptosis. When they are frozen they get damaged and eventually die. The crystallization makes cells lose their shape and they are not able to survive. Now to mobilize the cell that is released after one went through the process of coolsculpting, a proper massage Is conducted on the treated surface or around it.

How many areas can I treat with coolsculpting?

There are prominently 9 areas that have been figured out and cleared by the FDA for treatment through coolsculpting. The 9 areas namely include flanks, abdomen, submental area which is generally below the chin, the submandibular area which Is present below the jawline, bra fat, back fat, on the upper arms, on inner and outer thighs, and underneath the buttocks. These are often some of the areas which are very difficult to cut fat and people often struggle to figure out a way through. Coolsculpting has arrived as a wonder which makes it pretty easy to treat these areas to combat excess fat. The wonderful part of all this includes the fact that treatment for coolsculpting could be performed on multiple areas within a single day.

What if I need more than one treatment in the same area?

It very much depends on how the initial treatment has shown the effect on the area. It is often assumed safe to wait for at least 1 to 3 months to see the effects. Moreover, this time will be enough to tell if another round of treatment in the same area would make any impact or it won’t. A good consultant would rather suggest to you what effect the treatment will bring to the area and thus it will help you to decide that if it is worth it to repeat the procedure.

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What is the first step to getting treatment?

Like many other treatments, the first step of the coolsculpting process includes a proper assessment. This includes verifying if the patient is the right candidate which qualifies with all the necessities for being treated with coolsculpting. The doctor or the specialist often inquire about your medical history and further conduct a deep analysis to determine how safe and effective would it be to do the coolsculpting treatment. If there is any kind of short come that a patient might have to face after the procedure, it is the duty of the doctor to inform you about it before any proceedings with the treatment. An in-depth analysis is conducted about the patient body goal and the doctor describes how much treatment and individual effort will it need to achieve the desired goals.

What does the coolsculpting treatment feel like?

The first and the foremost thing a doctor do I to mark which area in specific needs to be covered. Once it is marked, the doctor starts preparing the skin, and then the procedure Is set to begin.

A protective gel is applied all over the area. It takes Almost 35 to 40 minutes to complete the procedure. Every measure is taken to make sure that the customer feels safe and secure throughout. A cold sensation is felt once the procedure starts and after 3 minutes one might feel a sense of the cold sensation. For the majority of the time after the first 5 to 6 minutes are lapsed, the patient does not feel anything as the area is almost numb. A patient might feel a sense that something is happening but due to numbness around the area, it Is difficult to figure out. Bring a book or something to read if you want to feel much more relaxed.

How long does it take to see the results?

There might be times when a patient might start seeing a result as early as 1 to 3 months. But the results of coolsculpting are not very instant. It takes a few months for the cell to start getting damaged.  But once the cell dies it is very unlikely for them to return. So yes coolsculpting is a process that shows results but then again it will take some time.

Are there any side effects after the treatment?

There is some side effect which might occur after the procedure but they are not serious. It might include bruising, firmness, and tingling, stinging, tenderness, redness, blanching, or aching. Skin sensitivity or a slight sensation might also be felt someday. Sometimes rare side effects might also occur after coolsculpting. An enlargement in the treated area might occur after almost 4 to 5 months from the procedure date and might rather need surgical treatment to get that fixed.

Searching coolsculpting near me might suggest you several options but we at new u physical therapy provide you the best options if you want the coolsculpting treatment to be done with utmost care. We have a team of professionals who are obliged to take the best care.